Who is HQ for ?

At Selestial we don’t claim to have all the answers to providing the perfect contact management system.

But thanks to working with very smart people who run their own successful businesses we’re well on the way.

All our clients, of whatever size, bring with them unique challenges – ones that we relish because they help us improve HQ.

The reason HQ was born and what drives it still is the simple need to promote teamwork.

Most of us work in teams, of whatever size and so rely on others to function effectively.

HQ is another member of that team.

Whether you have two colleagues or 50, HQ works equally well: SMEs and larger, more complex organisations benefit in the same uncomplicated way from HQ playing a central role.


The world of accountancy services can be complex and throw up mind-boggling sets of figures, which need to be quickly digested and acted on.

With this in mind, we set about developing our customised tracking system allowing immediate recognition and response to client activity.

The result is a dramatic improvement in the levels of service available on contact with a client. And all information is stored on the single HQ database, avoiding wasting time switching between systems.

We think it all adds up perfectly.

Creative Industries

When it comes to designers our motto is simple: let them create wonderful work that wows the client – and we’ll look after the less glamorous bit.

There’s nothing that stops the creative flow like a big dollop of admin; which is why we’ve tried really hard to keep the organisation and management of projects simple.

HQ doesn’t care if you work on a Mac or a PC; it’s equally at home on both – or anything else for that matter.

And because HQ is web based, the creative can create at whatever exotic location he or she feels inspired, while the account manager can keep in touch from the client’s offices.

It’s a hard life.


Our clients in recruitment value the speed and flexibility HQ allows, giving instant access to information that can mean the difference between clinching a deal and seeing an opportunity slip away.

The need to match people to jobs in an instant is what gives the leading consultancies the edge, and where HQ provides that little extra.

Easy access to emails, text messages, letters and CVs is essential, which is why HQ and its ability to be accessed from anywhere provides all the answers.


A good management consultant is a busy animal, giving expert advice and support to clients on a variety of issues. More often than not, he or she spends days rushing between appointments, with scarcely a minute to catch breath – let alone update client files.

Thanks to HQ the best consultants are never needed in the office. We provide complete freedom to do what they do best and update their records whenever and wherever they get chance.

Once logged, every interaction with a client is available to the team, from telephone conversations to contact reports.

It’s like giving everyone their own PA!

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