HQ For Accountants

As well as our standard HQ product we also offer an enhanced version for Accountants which, in addition to all the core features of HQ (full email, documents, templates,  sms, calendars and so on), adds some key functionality Accountancy-specific features to HQ.

It’s worth remembering that HQ is an online service; there’s no server to maintain, no IT skills required, no backup or archive required and it can be used from anywhere.

If you can see Google, then you can see HQ!

You can use HQ from almost any PC, laptop, netbook, Mac, Linux, iPad, mobile phone or other device.

Accountancy specific fields already built in HQ records accountancy jobs for your clients and uses familiar concepts such as PAYE, Business Tax, Payroll and so on.

Each of the key fields for these types of job is already provided.

Ability to create complex relationships HQ stores records for both people and businesses.

It’s quite common for businesses to have several staff but, in the accountancy world, it’s also necessary to deal with people who are associated with several businesses.

HQ provides a simple mechanism to create and track these relationships.

Automatic workflows Workflow processes and reminders for specific jobs are automatically created by the HQ server at appropriate times (year end, VAT periods and so on).
Reports Dozens of reports are included as standard enabling you to take either a detailed or top-down view of your practice.
Report by exception HQ’s dashboard has the ability to notify you of exceptions: Jobs that require your attention.

Our aim is to make HQ almost run your practice. Exception notifications are a big step in that direction.

Flexible associations Your communications can be associated with clients in a very flexible way. For example, HQ has the ability to communicate with 3rd parties but have the messages linked to the client, not the 3rd party.

As a practical example, emails about John Smith to the Inland Revenue need to be linked to John Smith’s record despite the fact that the email may not mention him by name.

Standard letters Dozens of standard letters are included as standard and this list will continue to grow as legislation changes.
Templated letters New templates can be generated in minutes and these can contain ‘smart tags’. All such tags are replaced by data from the HQ database when the letter is printed.
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