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HQ works for people in teams - wherever they are and whatever they do.

Our partners are many and varied, from industry to public sector services. What they all have in common is a need for rapid access to the information that drives their business lives.

Here some of them explain why HQ works for them.

Why we love HQ

"We wanted an effective database to hold all of our company's information. We got much more than that from Selestial, who provided a customised system to suit our business.

"Our bespoke tracking system, allowing us to see the progress we are making with clients, is simply bolted on to HQ.

"With one click we are immediately aware of client history, which is very powerful. HQ has been a real success for our practice." 

Chartered Accountants
Adrian Pearson, Pearson & Associates,

"We couldn't find a good client management system that runs across both PCs and Macs - until we discovered HQ.

"Now both the front office and the creatives are communicating much more productively, with all our work stored in a single, robust database. It means that we can provide a better service to our clients.

"Our flexible working arrangements allow us to operate from the office, home or a client's premises. And with HQ being internet-based, we can access the system from anywhere. This saves us a lot of time." 

Integrated Marketing Communications Consultancy
Phil Byrne, Director, H2

"Using HQ has significantly cut our administration costs. We're no longer pushing paper but instead using a modern, paperless system at the core of the organization. All our information is searchable and accessible within seconds.

"HQ works for us because it brings together all the tools we need to run the business. Since we got the system we've become more efficient and more effective in developing our business and that of our clients.

"We advise our clients to introduce good business systems and HQ is exactly that."

Management Consultants
Carl Hopkins, Managing Director, Direct Business Advice Ltd

"HQ has come into its own when we need to access work from a client’s office; we have all our business information to hand.

"Going forward, we're looking to take advantage of HQ's full database to help us track all our client activity."

Janet Harris - Managing Director, Shard Recruitment

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