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Prices for HQ

It's worth remembering that HQ is an online service; there's no server to maintain, no special IT skills required, no backup or archive required and it can be used from anywhere. If you can see Google, then you can see HQ! You can use HQ from almost any PC, laptop, netbook, Mac, Linux, iPad, mobile phone or other device.

Feature updates, automatic backups, support and more - all included in a single, straightforward monthly fee.

    Classic +
Access from anywhere online
Automatic free upgrades
High security hosting
Automatic nightly backup
Free setup option
Administration functions
Storage space (per user) Fair Usage Policy
Synchronise Contacts and Calendar with Mobile. Send email to mobile.
per user per month

Over the last three years we have found that typical installations of HQ have used less than 1 Gbytes of storage per user. The only exceptions tend to be organisations who rely heavily on electronic fax, and therefore have large email storage requirements. If your storage requirements do exceed the allocated space then HQ provides you with two alternatives; either archive-off old material or buy additional storage as shown below.
If you would like any assistance with set-up, template creation, addition modules, training, anti-spam, data export or just a much more focussed support arrangement then please call for a quote. We do these things all the time so no question will come as a surprise! Standard items include:
Assisted set-up 50.00 per user This is probably not required for most users.
It includes adding users and user email account details.
Creating stationary 200.00 Includes creating corporate stationary for emails and letters
Mailserver and AntiSPAM 200.00 setup plus 1.00 per mailbox per month HQ works with any standard POP3 and SMTP server account (as provided by every ISP, Google, Hotmail and so on). However if additional security is required we can configure mailserver accounts on the HQ server farm. This will also include the use of our excellent SPAM filtering appliance.
Premium Support 50.00 per month If you would like to have direct access to out developers and support team, then this can be provided on a month by month basis.
Training from 500.00 On-site training can be provided for any, or all, aspects of HQ as required.
Data Export 200.00 All contact records and emails held in HQ can be exported to a number of formats. This service exports the data to a CD, which is sent via registered post to your offices.
Addition Module Development As required HQ has the ability to be extended with a very wide range of custom extensions to precisely suit you business. Many of our clients have custom modules developed and it makes a huge difference to the efficiency of their businesses.

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